The Eden Project


The Eden Project is an educational charity with a tourist destination in Cornwall. It aims to connect visitors to the living world and explore how we can work towards a better future.   


Connecting with thousands of visitors every year was bread and butter business to the Eden Project, but connecting with their staff was a different matter. Eden needed an internal communications function to allow effective interaction between management and staff both on site and at satellite locations.   


Creation of a series of effective channels via which Eden’s management could communicate with their employees via technology, words and meetings.


Making connections
I started with words – creating a fortnightly e-bulletin for managers and a monthly newsletter for staff as well as adding daily updates to the staff intranet. A tone of voice was developed that was friendly and approachable and information was shared in a timely manner.


“Thank you for what you have done for Eden. The work you have done has transformed the way colleagues feel about Eden and the narrative you have developed is friendly, informative and well written.”

Tim Smit – CEO, The Eden Project

I listened to the needs of the different staff during their busy schedule and found ways to communicate that fitted their day-to-day. A new intranet, capable of being used on standard computers, smartphones and till systems was developed. Following this 80% of staff said they found the intranet an effective method of communication.

A huge amount of information was edited so that Eden team members understood what they needed to do their job – and to be an ambassador for Eden.


Improving face-to-face
Meeting formats and managers’ communication skills were observed and improved, with training provided where necessary. Quarterly open meetings with senior management were key to sharing the bigger picture, as was an annual off-season shut down day to allow staff to share stories, experiences and updates.

Oh – and I organised a tenth birthday party for over 500 people too. Phew!