ShelterBox is an international charity that provides shelter and aid to people who lose their homes following a natural disaster or conflict.


Not one but three projects for ShelterBox.

Firstly, I was asked to rewrite the words for the charity’s 2016 Annual Report. The brief was to ensure consistency in tone of voice as well as readability. 

I was then asked to work on a second project, researching and writing the interpretation panels for the charity’s new Visitor Centre – the ShelterBox Experience. 

Finally I worked to edit and proofread of the charity’s Brand Language and Brand Style Guides.


I wrote the front end of the Annual Report, pulling out key facts and writing and editing text to make the content engaging and informative.

“We were introduced to Suzie when we were looking to create content for our annual report. She really brought to life the message we were wanting to get across and made it engaging for readers. We ended up with a fantastic report that really showcases our work.”

Mark Phillips | Tax/Financial Accountant, Shelterbox

The Visitor Centre involved advising on the flow of story around the exhibition and creating over 20 panels of short and long form text to guide visitor’s on their journey. These were rendered on large wall panels, smaller box lids and as tags and even doormats. 

For the Language Guide I did a top-level edit of what was a fairly developed document. The Brand Guide had been written using input from a number of different authors and my job here was to ensure it was understandable, engaging and consistent.

Using the ShelterBox tone of voice across all three projects ensured consistency of communication.